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University of Connecticut University Libraries Music and Dramatic Arts Library

Request a Purchase

Collection decisions are based on need, collection development plans and policies, item availability, and
annual budgets. Face-to-face conversations with the librarian about user needs and long-range collection
plans are most welcome. The librarian will make all final decisions about purchases.

Methods for Requesting a Purchase

Information to Include

  • Instructors should indicate if the item is needed for course reserve or assignments. (Give dates.)
  • Title and author/composer (at minimum), plus publisher/label and plate/label number if possible.
  • Desired format (recording, video, score, script, book, etc.)
  • Your name and contact info (for questions and notification of arrival)

Tips for Better, Faster Results

  • Talk to the librarian first.
  • Give complete citations. Recommend specific performances or editions if possible.
  • Identify specialized vendors who carry the item.* Include price and catalog numbers.
  • Prioritize large requests by items' importance. (See librarian for details.)
  • Large requests are easier to handle in table or spreadsheet format.
  • In-print materials are more likely to be ordered than out of print materials.
    *Consult the librarian first, as the library has several good drama and music vendors.

Please allow several weeks (even months) for delivery. If the request is urgent, contact the librarian
directly (phone, e-mail, in person).